1893 World’s Columbian Exposition Ticket “Franklin”


World’s Columbian Exposition Admission Tickets –Engraved on heavy-weight bond paper by The American Bank Note Company. Went on sale at 50 cents on 1 April 1893 (a month before the Fair opened), discontinued in September and resumed in the closing days and the “remainders” sold to the Caxton Company of Chicago.

Differing from the earlier printing, the Franklin Ticket includes the word “complimentary” and was mailed out to banks and other institutions to be given to prospective visitors. Benjamin Franklin appears because of his pioneering experiments with electricity and its prominent use at the Fair. Electricity supplied the Exposition with all its light, both service and decorative, outside and interior and all power for the operation of exhibits in the various buildings and about the grounds. It operated all methods of transportation at the Fair – except the gondolas, roller and sedan chairs. The operation of electrical fountains, great search lights and the illuminated Ferris wheel provided an inspiration for the visitors.

The Franklin ticket only exists in the “A” series.

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