1893 World’s Columbian Exposition Ticket “Handel”


World’s Columbian Exposition Admission Tickets –Engraved on heavy-weight bond paper by The American Bank Note Company. Went on sale at 50 cents on 1 April 1893 (a month before the Fair opened), discontinued in September and resumed in the closing days and the “remainders” sold to the Caxton Company of Chicago.

Printed after the initial set of four tickets, the “Music” Ticket features George F Handel and includes the word “MUSIC”. Handel composed a symphony for King George I about 1714 titled “Water Music”. It was performed for the King as the royal barge travelled on the Thames on summer evenings. Since the themes of the Exposition were water, buildings and music it was decided that Handel came closest to epitomizing these themes. The Music ticket does not have an “A” series. It is the scarcest of the engraved tickets.

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