British American Bank Note Company check proof, 19xx


Plate proof for the British American Bank Note Company Limited printed by the British American Bank Note Company Limited, Ottawa. Early 20th century. Mounted on coated canvas paper. Displays #9649 in red.

The British American Bank Note Company was formed in 1866, just one year before Canada’s Confederation. The company was established in Montreal by a group of engraving and printing craftsmen. Before the company’s creation, two separate groups went ahead with plans to start a Canadian company that would engrave and print postage and revenue stamps, bonds and other financial documents, for the nation in waiting. These groups also recognized the opportunity to serve the bank note printing needs of Canada’s chartered banks, which at the time had to go abroad for their paper currency requirements. With a rapidly growing economy, further opportunity existed in the printing of bonds, debentures and other securities for companies and municipalities.

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Ottawa, Canada


India paper mounted to backing canvas


216mm x 95mm


British American Bank Note Company, Ottawa