“Columbia” Vignette Progress Proof, by Marcus Baldwin


“Columbia” progress proof dating from the 1890s. This was engraved by Marcus W. Baldwin according to the name penciled on back. Marcus Wicliffe Baldwin was a master of security engraving who engraved the vignettes of over fifty U.S. postage stamps in the span of 1894 to 1919. Marcus never married. He is buried in an umarked grave beside his parents Wickliffe and Abigail Baldwin. His father was a well-known Newark silversmith and engraver. After an apprenticeship with the American Bank Note Company, 16-year-old Marcus joined the National Bank Note Company, remaining there until about age 27, when in 1880 he set up his own company in Newark. In 1897 Marcus and his father joined the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (commonly called the BEP) which is the Federal agency responsible for the nation’s stamp and currency production. He remained at the BEP until 1920 when he returned to the American Bank Note Company where he spent the remainder of his career.

Note: this is an ORIGINAL nineteenth century die-sunk proof; not a reproduction or contemporary print. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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excellent, Baldwin penciled on back




india die sunk on card


overall 4" x 5"

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