FB30-FB36 Series 1916 Process Butter Taxpaid Revenue Stamps


Process butter is inferior butter which has been renovated by the addition of milk, cream, or salt. In butter markets, process butter is a recognized grade. At the tum of the century, process butter was a staple in the diets of low-income families, particularly European immigrants. Over 60 million pounds were produced on average each year. The powerful dairy industry lobbied for regulations on process butter and demanded that it be colored so that it wouldn’t be confused with the premium butter they manufac­tured. A tax on process butter was introduced in Congress. Opponents argued that the act would allow the government to use its taxing authority to regulate, rather than to raise revenue, in violation of the U.S. Constitution. After bitter debate in both houses, Congress passed an act on May 9, 1902, that taxed process butter. The act imposed a tax of 1/4¢ per pound for uncolored process butter. The federal Process Butter tax was eliminated after World War II.

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4.25" x 3"




10 Pounds – 100 Pounds


white wove USIR





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