Hatch & Co. Practical Lithographers, 1857 Lanman & Kemp billhead


George W. Hatch (1805-1867), a bank note engraver, was associated with various firms, including a partnership with James Smillie (1807-1885). He was a designer and engraver of bank notes, and eventually became president of American Bank Note Company.

David T. Lanman was a wholesale druggist in New York City in 1854, when he formed the firm of Lanman and Company with George Kemp to market Murray and Lanman’s Florida Water, Bristol’s Sarsaparilla, Kemp’s Worm pastilles and Lanman & Company’s Pure Cod-Liver Oil. In 1858 the name of the firm changed to Lanman and Kemp. David T. Lanman died in 1864 but the business was continued under the same name, and in 1880 the firm registered in the U.S. Patent Office trademarks their toilet prep­arations; during this period they used die perfumary stamps rather than private die medicines stamps. In 1881 Lanman and Kemp further extended their line of products to include Bristol’s Sugar-Coated Pills, Oriental Hair-Tonic and Kemp’s Compound Pectoral of Anachuita. In 1901 the firm was merged with Barclay and Company who continued to manufacture -­ mainly for export – a wide variety of toiletries.
(Holcombe, Henry W., Weekly Philatelic Gossip, 63: 203-204, October 13, 1956

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8" x 6"


VF, typical folds




red manuscript

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