Johnston, Holloway & Co. , Dr. Hooflands German Bitters label proof



“Make ready” press proof for label/wrapper circa 1890s. Impression of partial bank note on reverse.

Hiram C. Johnston and William Holloway, M.D., were operating an apoth­ecary shop in Philadelphia in 1852. During 1864, they were acting as wholesale agents for a product called Constitution Life Syrup (later called Constitution Water). It was a blood purifier containing potas­sium iodide and other herbs which Dr. William H . Gregg of New York was the original proprietor. In 1865, Johnston and Holloway also served as wholesale agents for Burnett’s Extracts. In 1873 the firm acquired manufacturing and distribution rights for Dr. Hoofland’s Celebrated German Remedies, products originated by Christolph Wilhelm Hoofland in Germany in the 1840’s and introduced into America in 1850. They were originally prepared by Charles M. Jackon, M.D. of Philadelphia until the rights were transferred to Charles M. Evans about 1863. When Evans died in 1873, Johnston and Holloway assumed manufacturing rights to the products. Johnston died in 1877, but the firm continued at least until 1884.

(Holcombe,  Henry W., Weekly Philatelic Gossip, 27: 313-314 Dec 3, 1938)

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2.75" x 6.5"

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