Kennedy & Co. 1875 Advertising Cover


Rare advertising cover of Kennedy & Co. Pittsburgh circa 1875.

R. Monroe Kennedy of Pittsburgh was engaged in the sale of proprietary medicines as early as 1869, and organized Kennedy and Company in 1872 to serve as the sole proprietors of Dr. Radcliffe’s Great Remedy, Seven Seals and Golden Wonder. Sir John Radcliffe, M.D., was physician to the Queen of England and his Seven Seals or Golden Wonder formula consisted of ether, chloroform, camphor, oil of peppermint, capsicum and alcohol. Kennedy and Company also manufactured Carboline, the petroleum hair renewer and the Great Nervine, continuing in business at least until 1883. (Holcombe, Henry w. , Weekly Philatelic Gossip, 29: 116, 127, October 14, 1939)

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F, wrinkles




8 x 4"



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