Large Die Proof Engraving, “France”, by Robert Savage


size: 9” x 6”, die sunk area: 4.25” x 4.5”.  #V 43270 C 1524 (crossed out)
upper left corner crease. No markings front or back. This vignette appeared on validation certificates of German debt issued after WWII, as well as on various stocks and bonds of the time.

Robert Savage (1868-1943) is widely considered the finest bank note picture engraver of the twentieth century. He worked at American Bank Note Company for 52 years, from 1891 to his death in 1943. He was head of the picture engraving department at ABN in the early twentieth century but gave up the title in 1923 to Edwin Gunn, his longtime colleague (and almost his equal) though he continued to engrave for American to the end of his life. He never retired.

Mark Tomasko

Additional information


unknown; 1935-1939




Robert Savage


india on card


9” x 6”


A. E. Foringer