Page & Bacon Original Exchange, March 30, 1855, St. Louis



No. 47838, first of exchange payable to Wm Baker, Esq. $464.46. Signed by Page & Bacon, this is a rare Page & Bacon piece. At left is “Page, Bacon & Company, California” and at top is “Banking House of Page, Bacon, St. Louis, MO’. Printed by Danforth, Wright & Co. Philadelphia & New York. At lower left is a vignette of Page, in the center is a wonderful vignette of a lady and two young sailors in a row boat, and at right is a vignette of a train. Fine condition. Piece missing within hammer cancel, upper left corner fault.

This is one of the most beautifully styled fiscal pieces from the Gold Rush era. The firm, founded in 1840 as a private bank, was very influential in St. Louis and at its peak issued $80,000,000 in exchange according to Douglas Ball in the Vacca sale. However, 1855 was not kind in the banking world in America and severe bank runs in St. Louis and San Francisco crushed the banking house.

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Various folds, left upper corner fault, hammer cancel piece missing




March 30, 1855


manuscript cancels

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