R44c on 1865 United States Submarine & Torpedo Boat Co. Stock Certificate


An amazing example of US Civil War era fiscal history. One Hundred shares of the United States Submarine and Torpedo Boat Company stock issued to submarine inventor Scovel S. Merriam on October 26, 1865. Certificate #11 is signed by S. B. Clark, President, and Thomas M. Tyng, Secretary. The corporation was formed on or about the 24th of October, 1865 for the “manufacture, sale and use of submarine boats, apparatus or machines, and improve, sell and otherwise dispose of the property of the company. Its capital was fixed at $1,000,000, divided into 10,000 shares of $100 each, representing improvements in submarine vessels and apparatus, for which a caveat had been filed under the United States patent laws, preparatory to obtaining a patent. The company owned the invention and the right to letters patent for the same.”


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F, with folds, water stains

Par value



New York, NY


October 26, 1865


S. B. Clark, President, and Thomas M. Tyng, Secretary


hand stamp