R45c on 1871 Southern Life Insurance Policy, Atlanta, Georgia, Franklin H. Creech


September 22, 1871 Life Insurance Policy for Franklin H. Creech of Barnwell County, Georgia with single R45c paying the correct 25c tax on policies with benefit up to $1000. A beautiful policy with a premium of $20.15 for a total benefit of $1000. Franklin H. Creech was sheriff of Barnwell County SC at the turn of the century. The Southern Life Insurance Company was headquartered in Memphis, TN. This particular policy was written out of their Atlanta, Georgia Department. Any surviving Life Insurance policy is significant. Southern policies are especially rare. The policy measures 14.5″ x 18″ fully opened. It is printed in black, green & red on pale green paper. Condition is excellent. Policy was printed by the Continental Bank Note Company.

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Medium paper



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September 22, 1871

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