R48c on 1866 Odd Fellows Hall Assoc. Stock Certificate, Stockton, CA


The name Odd Fellows refers to several friendly societies and fraternal organizations operating in the United Kingdom. It also refers to some Lodges with histories dating back to the 18th century. These various organizations were set up to protect and care for their members and communities at a time when there was no welfare state or National Health Service. The aim was to provide help to members and communities when they need it. The friendly societies are non-profit mutual organizations owned by their members. All income is passed back to the members in the form of services and benefits. The Odd Fellows are also fundraisers for local and national charities; branches (lodges) raise money for local causes, and the Societies as a whole raise significant amounts for charities.

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Scott Number



Document typical folded. Stamp VF

Par value



Stockton, CA


June 12, 1866


President: C. O. Burton
Secretary: C. F. Rea