R89a, R94a pair on 1863 Mortgage Deed, Middletown, NY, Augustus Schmid



Feb 20, 1863, between August Schmid, Cyprian Diem, Nepamuck Katzenmeyer and Charles C. Goodhue in the amount of$30,000. Tax of $25 paid with a pair of R94a and a R89a. This transaction was taxable at the short-lived Mortgage 1862 rates, which were rescinded by the Act of March 3, 1863, effective immediately on passage. The open-ended $25+ rate covered all amounts above $20,000: $15 for the first $20,000, plus an additional $10 for each additional $10,000 or fraction. This is only the second recorded example of the open ended $25+ rate on document.

Augustus Schmid was born in 1803 in what is now Germany. When he was ten, he left school and undertook an apprenticeship in brewing. He went on to work in a number of breweries and in 1827, just three days after he married, he took charge of a brewery at Constanz, located on the lake of the same name. In 1850 decided to try his luck in the New World. He wasted no time establishing a brewery on 4th Street near Avenue B, in NY, resurrected the name Constanz Brewery, and once again prospered by brewing lagered beer. Seeing “how little harmony existed among the brewers of that day” he called a meeting of all New York brewers who subsequently formed an association and drew up a constitution. When the government imposed a duty on beer to help finance the Civil War, the newly formed Brewers Union called a meeting and Schmid acted as chairman. In 1863 he joined The Lion Brewery and grew it to one of the largest breweries in the US at the time.

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R89a, R94a


VF, staining on document


10.00, 5.00


Old Paper


Middletown, NY


February 20, 1863



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