RN-C21b Gould & Curry Silver Mining Company Check



1871 check, subject to both 2c Federal and 2c Nevada tax (Imprint Type C21b, which consists of Federal C-type Imprint with addition of •GOOD / ONLY FOR BANK / CHECK• In a 3- part band In the imprint, plus an orange-red Nevada imprint). It is signed by C. C. Batterman. It is dated Oct 3rd and is likely a payroll check for the prior month.

Cbrlstopher C. Batterman (1829-) Gen. Christopher C. Batterman was born In New York In 1829. He married Lucy A. Stoddard, born In New York In 1826. They lived In Virginia City and they had a daughter, Annie, born in California in 1853, and a son, Christopher, born In California In 1859. His son became tbe warden of tbe state prison in Carson City in about 1880. C. C. Batterman was tbe superintendent of Gould & Curry, Crown Point, and other mines. He served as Nevada’s second State Treasurer from September 15, 1869, to January 2, 1871, and he served a term (ending In 1873) on the University of Nevada Board of Regents.

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F, typical folds


Virginia City, NV


October 3, 1871


CC Batterman, Sup't



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