RN-M2 Sharp’s Rifle Co. check, Hartford, CT 1875


Hartford, Conn., $4,111 check, underprint of crossed rifles with company name on counterfoil on left, punch cancel, VF condition, corner crease.

The Sharps Rifle Company was founded in Hartford in 1849 and operated there through the period of the Civil War (1861-65). The company was managed by R. S. Lawrence and built rifles under the patents of Christian Sharp, who received a royalty of $1.00 per rifle. Sharpshooters in Col. Hiram Berdan’s 1st and 2nd United States Sharpshooters used Sharp Model 1859 rifles until these units were disbanded late in 1864. The Model 1859 was eventually modified to a New Model 1863 rifle and these were also supplied to the Union armies. After the war, Sharps manufactured heavy caliber rifles suitable for hunting big game. Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company would go on to produce over 100,000 rifles, but would dissolve in 1881 with the widespread use of repeating rifles.

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Catalog Number



VF, corner crease


Hartford, CT


November 15, 1875


Ely Wollcott



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