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Very nice appearing front. Very difficult to find this issue intact without creases or other faults. Very large strip.
Henry C. Lawrence and Morris T. Martin joined in partnership in 1877 as Chicago wholesalers of wine and liquor, introducing Lawrence and Martin’s Tolu Rock and Rye in 1879. While they sold large quantities of the product, it was short-lived when it was decided by the Internal Revenue Service in 1881 that Tolu Rock and Rye more closely resembled a liquor even though the product contained tolu balsam in rye whiskey.
(Holcombe, Henry W., Stamp and Cover Collectors Review, 3: 201-202, October 1939

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Size of engraving 187 x 17mm. A scene at a railroad station, bordered by an octagonal frame, with a point at the centre of the right and left side, of a colorless line between two fine, colored ones. To the right and left are horizontal rectangles bordered, except at the inner ends, by a colorless line between two fine lines of color, outside of which is a reticulated frame. The left rectangle is inscribed, in two lines of colorless and exteriorly shaded capitals, “United States – Lawrence & Martin”, upon a ground composed of a repetition of the words “Four Cents” in colored, almost microscopic, Roman capitals. At right, in a similar manner, “internal Revenue-Chicago, Ills.” The upper line of these inscriptions is slightly curved and in Roman letters; the lower is straight and in block letters. At the outer ends of these rectangles, separated from them by a colorless line, are upright ovals, flattened at top and bottom, upon a square tablet bordered by a colorless line between two colored ones; these contain a circular disk with a colorless numeral of value upon a ground of solid color surrounded by a colorless line. The ground of the oval, above and below the circular disk, is of crossed vertical and horizontal lines upon which is a scroll ornament of solid color. At right of this oval, in a label of solid color closely following its outline, is: “Four”; at left “Cents”; in colorless, Roman capitals. There is a small colorless ornament upon the shaded ground at either end of these labels. Outside of this, at each end, is a rectangular space, its ground lined horizontally and crossed by vertical lines arranged in sets of three at a little distance from each other. These rectangles contain two irregularly shaped ornaments, one above the other, outlined by colorless lines and with a reticulated ground with central ornaments of solid color.

An Historical Reference List of the Revenue Stamps of the United Stamps: Including the Private Die Proprietary Stamps

Boston Philatelic Society
Salem, Press of Newcomb & Gauss, 1899

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Used, repaired tears, some adhesions




Watermarked Paper

Number Issued

No. of stamps per sheet 80. Total No. issued, watermarked paper, 445,900.


Die approved May, 1880. First issued 1880. Last issued Feb. 6, 1881.



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