RS274P1, Wright’s Indian Vegetable Pills, Large Die Proof, ex-Joyce


William Wright was the vice-president of the North American College of Health, as well as the proprietor of Wright’s Indian Vegetable Pills during the 1840’s and 50’s. By the 1860’s he seems to have moved into private practice and left the proprietary medicine field. Edmund Ferrett was a music publisher in Philadelphia in the 1850’s, becoming an agent for Wright’s Indian Vegetable Pills by the early 1860’s. He ordered the Wright private die stamp in 1862. The Wright stamp was held up a bit by an argument over whether the word “proprietary” needed to be on it. The ruling was that it did not, and the stamp was first delivered in February of 1863. The last delivery was prior to October 1, 1880.

Models, Essays and Proofs of the Morton Dean Joyce Collection
The collection of Morton Dean Joyce contained a magnificent array of the models and large die proofs, including trial color and plate proofs. It seems that Morton Dean Joyce was able to obtain the majority, if not the complete holding, of the Butler and Carpenter Archives including the Order Book which contained the original models. Nearly all of the models that are listed in the Turner book are present in the Morton Dean Joyce Collection. From that point on Joyce researched the large dies according to company from Butler and Carpenter through the National and American Bank Note Companies to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Whenever there was a chance to show trial color proofs or additional information, Joyce did so and the results (were) his collection…The area of models, essays and proofs of the private die proprietary issues was quite possibly Morton Dean Joyce’s most outstanding accomplishment.
Richard Friedberg, Introduction to the Morton Dean Joyce Private Die Proprietary Collection Auction Catalog, Andrew Levitt, September 12-14, 1991

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india die sunk on card, card trimmed from original size

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Die approved Jan. 10, 1863. First issued Feb., 1863

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