RS49d Cannon & Co., Dr. Cheeseman’s Female Regulating Pills Revenue Stamp


Samuel Cheeseman, MD, originated his Female Regulating Pills in the 1830’s and the trademark of a lovely maiden was acquired by Richard B. Hutchings, Cheeseman’s agent in 1860. Following the death of Cheeseman, Hutchings and Hillyer of New York city acquired the right to the pills in 1864. Sometime later, Cheeseman’s pills were taken over by Dr. Cornelius L. Cheeseman, a son of the originator, who carried on the business for three years. Rights were then transferred to E. L. Borneisler and company in 1874 and then to Cannon and Company in 1876. Cannon and Company not only sold Dr. Cheeseman’s Female Regulating Pills, but he also advertised MacKenzie’s Tonic Pills and Cheeseman’s Herbal Tonic, Vaginal Wash, and Violet Lotion. The Cannnon firm vanished in the early 1880’s but Cheeseman Medicine Company of New york City continued the manufacture of Cheeseman’s pills and specialties for a number of years thereafter.

Holcombe. Henry W., Weekly Philatelic Gossip, 32: 685-686, August 16, 1941

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Used, VF, edge flaws, toned





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56,380 all papers


First issued July 1876. Last issued March 13, 1883



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