“Victory” Die Proof Vignette by Charles Burt 1874 BEP


This is an example of Charles Burt’s engraving entitled “Victory” which appeared on the face of the Series 1874-80 $500 Legal Tender Notes. It depicts a partially-robed goddess carrying a palm branch and laurel wreath with a cannon and cannonballs at her feet. It was printed on India paper. A partial Die number appears lower right.

Charles Burt was born at Edinburgh on the eighth day of Nov. 1822. At twelve years of age he apprenticed with W. Home Lizars, principally engaged on plates for Sir Wm. Jardine’s Natural History. He shortly afterwards came to the United States, and was employed by A. L. Dick, who, in his words, had an establishment for engraving in the city of New York, and with whom he remained for about four years. Beginning in 1850 Charles Burt was engaged on Bank Note work, and was the principal die engraver for the U. S. government.

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Charles Burt




2” x 3”; overall 2.75" x 3.75"


Bureau of Engraving and Printing

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