Wells Fargo & Co. First Bill of Exchange, San Francisco, 1869 R15c


No. 348816, first of exchange payable to Theo L. Wood $2,265.02 in U.S. Gold Coin. Signed by Wells Fargo & Co., this is a rare piece. Off white and light gray bill of exchange with text in black and white. 9″ wide by 4 1/2″ tall. R15c two cent US Revenue stamp with clear socked-on-the-nose Wells Fargo & Co. cancel is affixed on bottom left corner.  On front of note is a red stamp stating that the amount was paid November 9, 1869.  Bills of exchange, also known as drafts, were drawn as a set (first, second, third) and due to the uncertainty of the mail, were sent via different routes to the payee. The payment of any one of the bills cancels the others in the set to insure that the payee was only paid once.

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Various folds, crisp. Several staple holes.




2265.02 in Gold Coin


October 27, 1869


manuscript and handstamp cancels

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