Yellow Jacket Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate, Gold Hill, Nevada 1883


The Yellow Jacket Silver Mining Company was staked in 1859 and was one of the deepest in the, Comstock Lode reaching down 3054 feet, The money Ulysses S. Grant made from this stock would help create his brokerage firm Grant & Ward which would eventually send Grant into bankruptcy leaving him penniless and desperate to leave money to his heirs. Grant rebuffed P.T. Barnum’s offer to make money by putting his war trophies and gifts from world leaders on public display, Instead, he accepted a $25,000 advance against 20% royalties for his memoirs that would ensure, his financial security. J.W. Mackay made a vast fortune in silver mining. He made hundreds of millions of dollars in the 1870s on the Comstock Lode in Virginia City, Nevada. The silver petered out in the late 1870’s and Mackay was looking for new investments that he found with transatlantic cables.

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Document typical with folds

Mine location

Gold Hill, Nevada


December 7, 1883


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