1877 Deadwood Gold Mining Co. Nevada City, CA Stock Certificate


Certificate from the Deadwood Gold Mining Co. issued March 8th 1877. The Deadwood Gold Mining Co, Willow Valley District, Nevada County, was incorporated in February of 1877 in California. This certificate was issued to F.A. Sacket, secretary of the company, for 300 shares. Signed by R.B. Symington as president and F. A. Sacket as Secretary. 

According to the 1922 Mines Register, the mine at that time was idle and the property consisted of 95 patented acres, 2 miles E. of Nevada City. Ore occured in a vein up to 18” wide, carrying pyrite, galena, sphalerite and arsenopyrite. Development was by incline shaft and 400’ of drifts. According to Gudde, Deadwood was located on the Deadwood Ledge in 1856 and listed as a settlement in Bean’s 1867 directory. Deadwood today is a ghost town along the famous Western States Trail. Located at the bottom of a small canyon, there is nothing left.

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Document typical folded. scuff on left side

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Nevada City, CA


March 8, 1877


President: R. B. Symington
Secretary: F. A. Sacket