45P4 24c George Washington 1857 issue plate proof on card


1875 Centennial Reprints of the 1857-60 issue. Continental Bank Note Company

In the 1870’s, as the government prepared to celebrate the nation’s centennial, a great International Exposition was planned in Philadelphia. Among the desired exhibits was a display of all the United States postage stamps issued. As the Post Office Department checked their files, they saw that they had no copies of certain issues. The idea was proposed that perhaps the government could somehow “reprint”the stamps. Furthermore, even before the establishment of a Philatelic Bureau or Sales Division, authorities realized that if enough sales of these items were made to the general public, the income generated could pay for the entire cost of the “reprinting.” Thus, the genesis of the 1875 reproductions, reprints and reissues, or so the story goes.

For the stamps of the 1857-60 issue, the original dies for the 24, 30 and 90 cent values were still in existence at Toppan, Carpenter, Casilear & Co. in Philadelphia. New plates were laid down from the original dies. However, for the 1, 3, 5, l0 and 12 cent values, all new dies had to be made.

Plate proofs on India paper and card were distributed also.

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