Lincoln’s Gettysburg Speech souvenir card, Western Bank Note Co., 1926


Description from Souvenir Card Collector’s Society: FSO-1926A is the Lincoln’s Gettysburg Speech card. The printer is not indicated, but the SCCS catalog identifies this as being printed by WBNC. At the bottom, the card notes “see reverse,” however the other side is blank.

Western Bank Note Company was organized as the Western Engraving Company in 1864. The name was changed to Western Bank Note and Engraving Company on 23 Feb. 1867. A separate division functioned as Western Bank Note Company. It was bought by American Bank Note Company in 1901 and operated as a subsidiary until 1911. After 1911, it operated as the Western Division of American Bank Note Company.

Additional information

Catalog Number

FSO-1926A, WBNCo-251D


slightly soft corners, ink signatures on back


Western Bank Note Co.






161mm x 88mm

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