R27c, R68c on 1868 Incoming Foreign Bill of Exchange (second), Caibarien, Cuba


Rare paid second of exchange.

About the Danford Knowlton Find

In 1992 about 200 pieces comprising what has become known as the “Danford-Knowlton find” appeared on the revenue market. It consisted primarily of incoming bills of exchange from Cuba dated 1865-1872. Incoming Foreign exchange is a scarce usage, and these bills typically bear a variety of manuscript and hand stamped markings documenting their travels. This is part of a recent discovery of an additional 100 pieces of Danford-Knowlton material and represents a significant opportunity for the US First Issue Revenue specialist. Only a small portion of this additional material will be offered here.

For more information on the Danford Knowlton find see: Reconstructing Four Fabulous Finds, Michael Mahler, The American Revenuer, Sept 1995, p. 210 Р227)

Additional information

Scott Number

R27c, R68c


Document has typical folds and wrinkles, but one of the nicest examples of the find. Stamps VF.




Agustin Ariosa




March 28, 1868, June 24, 1868


Danford Knowlton NY SON cancels, Fesser & Co., Havana, Cuba embossed cancel, L. Von Hoffmann & Co. hand stamp

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