R36c on two-page Agreement between George W. Tifft and H. P. Burdick, Buffalo, NY, 1867


Hiram P. Burdick was a minister, dentist, and physician from Alfred New York. A significant portion of his medical career was involved as a practitioner and promoter of the water cure. The water cure was a form of medicine, popular in the 19th century, which was centered around the use of pure water to prevent and treat illness. This approach regarded the use of alcohol, narcotics, and stimulants as toxic substances, which should be removed from consumption. Burdick spent part of his career practicing water cure treatments in New York City and Buffalo. This agreement, two pages, taxed at a rate of 5c per page, is between H. P. Burdick and George W. Tifft, a prominent holder of real estate in Buffalo. Burdick desired to open an Institute of Hygienic Cure on Seneca St. in Buildings owned by Tifft. This Agreement lays out details of a Partnership between Burdic and Tifft, Dr. Burdick to provide management and medical practices, and Tifft to contribute the land and buildings for the Institute. One David B. Hull is named to furnish the Institute. George W. Tifft and his family “are to have treatment at any & all times when the Institution is in working order free of any charge”. Net profits to be split 50/50 between Tifft and Burdick. The baths were open for at least three years.

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