R54c on 1868 Incoming Foreign Bill of Exchange, Nuevitas, Cuba


One of five R54c single usages on Marquez bill of exchange. Type 2 bill.

About the Danford Knowlton Find

In 1992 about 200 pieces comprising what has become known as the “Danford-Knowlton find” appeared on the revenue market. It consisted primarily of incoming bills of exchange from Cuba dated 1865-1872. Incoming Foreign exchange is a scarce usage, and these bills typically bear a variety of manuscript and hand stamped markings documenting their travels. This is part of a recent discovery of an additional 100 pieces of Danford-Knowlton material and represents a significant opportunity for the US First Issue Revenue specialist. Only a small portion of this additional material will be offered here.

For more information on the Danford Knowlton find see: Reconstructing Four Fabulous Finds, Michael Mahler, The American Revenuer, Sept 1995, p. 210 Р227)

Additional information

Scott Number



Document has typical folds, wrinkles & small tears. Stamp with crease.

Marquez Type





February 17, 1868


Danford Knowlton NY SON cancel, Manuel Marquez, Nuevitas HS, Merchant's National Bank HS

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