R6c & R15c on Burdsal & Brother 1865 drug receipt and billhead, Cincinnati, Ohio


In 1855 Dr. C. w. Roback of Cincinnati, Ohio registered with the U.S. Government the name of his proprietary called “Blood Pills” and two years later he changed the registered name to “Scandanavian Blood Pills” In 1866, the business was taken over by the u. s. Proprietary Medicine Company of Cincinnati to sell not only Dr. Roback’s Scandanavian Blood Pills, but also Dr. Roback’s Scandanavian Blood Purifier and Dr. Roback’s Scandanavian Stomach Bitters. Burdsal and Brothers wholesale druggists in Cincinnati as early as 1859, began manufacturing Dr. Roback’s prod¬≠ucts in 1874 and continued their manufacture at least until 1880.

(Holcombe, Henry W., American Philatelist, 54: 704-708, Aug. 1941)

Additional information

Catalog Number

R6c, R15c


document has stains, tears


5" x 17.5"


white wove


October 12, 1865