RO165b The San Francisco Percussion Match Co. Revenue Stamp


The San Francisco Percussion Match Company appears in the San Francisco Directories as early as 1868 and in that year was located on the east side of Ritch Street, near Townsend. The proprietors were J. F. Awill and C. K. Clark. In 1875 the factory was located on Ritch Street near Brannan, the office was 408 Market Street and Charles K. Clark was proprietor. The following year the address of the fac­tory appears to have been corner of Lincoln and Banks Streets, Bernal Heights. a11d Henry Watson was then proprietor. The later Directories con­tain no reference to any concern of this name. What became of the business is not known. Possibly it was succeeded by one of the other San Francisco Match firms, none of which are known to have used private die stamps, but there is no information regarding them to directly connect them with the San Francisco Percussion Match Company.

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used F, two small hinge thins, light stains on reverse




Silk Paper

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August 1872 through December 1874



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