RO52a Byam, Carleton Co. Match Wrapper, Boston MA, May 1867


The Byam Match Factory was founded by Ezekiel Byam, a native of South Chelmsford, who, in 1835, manufactured the first Lucifer matches made in America in a little shop located at 192 Robin Hill Rd. Mr. Byam apparently had purchased the patent from Samuel Jones. The matches were made of attached strips of wood with “a compound of chlorate of potash and sulphuret of antimony, with enough of powdered gum to render it adhesive when mixed with water and applied over the end of the match, and dipped in melted brimstone.” Due to the odor ofsulfur, the neighborhood around the intersection ofRobin Hill and Acton Roads became known as “Brimstone Comer.” After about a year, Ezekiel Byam “moved the business to Boston, but in 1845 he returned to Chelmsford and continued to manufacture the matches here until 1848.” At that time the accommodations were outgrown and the business was moved permanently back to Boston. About 1858 he formed the Byam, Carlton & Company, “Match manufacturers and dealers in phosphorus and brimstone.” The company was eventually absorbed into the Diamond Match Company.

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used, toning, wrinkles and folds, two tears/holes, lower corners




old paper

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1865 through April 2, 1866



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