RO70d G.W.H. Davis Iron City Matches Revenue Stamp


The GWH Davis stamp was altered from the Griggs & Scott die by changing the firm name at the left to read GWH Davis. It was first printed in black by the National Bank Note Co. and as the black stamp is known to exist only on silk paper it probably went out of use before 1879 and exists only as a National print. The black Davis stamp exists surcharged or cancelled with an overprint similar to the b overprint found on the Griggs & Scott stamp. Copies noted were all dated in 1876 and occur in red in black and inverted. The red Davis stamp has not been noted with an overprint. The writer believes it was not issued until 1882 or 1883 and was printed only by the BEP. Neither Davis the Iron City Match Works nor any other match concern appears in the Pittsburgh directories from 1879 to 1882 but the directory for 1882-83 lists the Iron City Match Co at 2500 Jane St. Other information about this concern is lacking but it may be a new firm which purchased the Davis and used the red stamp. The red stamps are frequently creased no doubt having been folded over the edge of box so that it could not be opened without breaking the stamp. Used in this way it was unnecessary to cancel them. It is uncommon fault free.

Christopher West, Mekeel’s Weekly Stamp News, nov 1, 1919 p. 400

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Used, F, thin, tiny tear, light crease




Watermarked Paper

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First issued November 1875. Last issued January 26, 1883



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