RS196c D. Ransom, Son & Co. Medicine Stamp


Dr. David Ransom established a medical practice in Buffalo in 1846, and soon thereafter introduced Dr. Ransom’s King of the Blood, familiarly known as “K.B.”. The product was advertised for use in cancers, scro­fula and consumption. Dr. Ransom also acquired rights to Dr. A. Trask’s Magnetic Ointment, originated about 1845 for croup, diptheria and rheuma­tism. This product in turn led Ransom to concoct his Hives Syrup and Tolu which was composed of balsam of tolu, skunk cabbage root, lobelia and hops. Ransom also acquired an invention of Dr. J. R. Miller of Syra­cuse, New York, sold as Miller’s Universal Magnetic Balm, and Dr. J. C. Tilton’s Indian Balm Pills (a cathartic). In 1873, D. Ransom, Son and Co. was operating as wholesale patent medicine dealers in Buffalo, and the firm, which was also known as Western Medicine Warehouse, continued to flourish until 1941 producing Trask’s Ointment, Dermador Eye Lotion and Cooper’s Balm.

(Holcombe, Henry W., Collectors Club Philatelist, 3: 212-215, July, 1941)

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F, used, tear




Pink Paper

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2,356,760 (all papers)


First issued 1876. Last issued March 2, 1883



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