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A. B. & D. Sands, wholesale druggists of New York City, was establish­ed in 1835 by brothers Abraham B. and David Sands. Four years later, Dr. John B. McMunn, in cooperation with Mr. Adamson, a druggist of #6 Bowery, New York City , concocted an Elixir of Opium which Dr. McMunn claimed “obtained all the quieting, sedative properties of opium without any of its narcotic properties,” and he added “his elixir produced no headache, no nausea, no constipation, no knowledge after the sleep had passed that any drug had been taken.” The elixir, which was similar to the official Deordized Tincture of Opium was subsequently bought by the firm of A. B. & D. Sands who manufactured and widely promoted the prod­uct. Sands also marketed Roman Eye Balsam and Sand’s Sarsaparilla, but essentially served as wholesale druggists , advertising widely in the pharmaceutical press. David Sands died in 1860 and Abraham died two years later. Their sons Mahlon D. Sands and Philip J. Sands assumed control of the firm until 1867 when the firm name was changed to M. P. J. and H. M. Sands who continued in business through 1883.
(Holcombe, Henry W., Scott’s Monthly Journal 17: 259-262, September, 1936; see also The Druggists Circular, December, 1886)

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