Small Alexander Hamilton Die Proof Engraving on india on card by Joseph P. Ourdan 1860s


Small portrait of Alexander Hamilton engraved by Joseph P. Ourdan (1828-1881).

Born in New York City, Feb. 16, 1828; died in Washington, D. C., May 10, 1881. Joseph P. Ourdan served his apprenticeship as an engraver with W. L. Ormsby, of New York. Over his own name he engraved in line some good portraits and illustrative works for the book’ publishers; and the firm of Packard & Ourdan produced portraits inmezzotint. But he early became interested in bank-note work and was in the employ of the Continental and the National bank note companies, of New York, and the American Bank Note Company, of Philadelphia. Ourdan then entered the service of the Treasury Department in Washington and in time became the chief of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. While in this bureau he engraved the portraits of a number of persons notable during the Civil War; including among these the head of S. P. Chase onthe one-dollar bill, and the head of L. P. Skinner on the fractional currency. He engraved other admirable portraits for the bank-note companies.

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VF, card trimmed


Joseph P. Ourdan


india on card


16mm x 20mm; overall 90mm x 45mm

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