“The Crossing” Locomotive Die Proof, American Bank Note Co. 1861 by James Smillie


Famous engraving of steam locomotive crossing a stone bridge, The Crossing is most often credited to James Smillie. However, ABNCo records state that in 1859 the National BNCo paid Robert Hinshelwood for this engraving. It is possible that in 1861 or later, James Smillie reengraved or altered it. This image was reduced in size and used on the 3c value stamp of the US 1869 series.

Formed in 1858 by a consolidation of seven major engraving and printing firms, ABNCo went on to dominate the security printing business worldwide. From 1858 until the twilight of the issuance of currency by state-chartered banks in the mid-1860s, the firm produced bills for banks all across the United States. Often this was done by taking plates from the firms that comprised ABNCo in 1858, adding the ABNCo monogram, and printing new versions. In addition, the firm produced Federal currency for the United States government from 1861 through the 1870s, postage stamps for many years, and countless security documents for banks, governments, and other institutions.

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James Smillie


VF, some glue stains on reverse with minor wrinkles






3.25" x 1.75"