Argonaut Mill & Mining Co. El Dorado County, California Stock Certificate


The Argonaut was a gold mine on the Mother Lode one and one-half miles southeast of Greenwood. Active in the 1880’s, 1921 and 1927-28, it was a northwest striking vein up to 15 feet wide developed by a drift adit. The ore yielded up to $15 a ton.

Location: Georgetown, El Dorado County. Stock Certificate No. 140 for 100 shares made out to John Sproston, Trustee dated, January 7th, 1880. The Company was capitalized at $2,000,000; 20,000 shares at $100 each and incorporated in San Francisco on June 18th, 1879. Signatures include J.S. Fields, Secretary and W. B. Davenport, President. Vignette of a the mythical ship Argo which legend had it that Jason sailed with his Argonauts in search of the famous Golden Fleece, owned by the King of Colchis. Black border on light gray paper. Printer – Britton & Rey, S. F. This mine was active through about 1888. The property had a 10-stamp mill with which they could make a reasonable amount of production to pay the costs of mining and overhead. In 1888, their ore ran out and the mill burned, idling the company. Written up in the 10th Report of the State Mineralogist, CSMB. Much detail in the “Argonaut” vignette in the upper left corner of the certificate. Artists working for Britton & Rey of San Francisco produced some of the finest engravings of the period. Extremely fine. Date: Location: Georgetown, California

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VF+ light wrinkles upper right corner

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El Dorado County, California


January 7, 1880


President: W. B. Davenport
Secretary: J. S. Fields