Pond’s Bitters Trade Card 1906


Pond’s Bitters Company
Pond’s started out in 1846 as a patent medicine company when Theron T. Pond [1880-1852], a pharmacist from Utica, New York, began selling ‘Golden Treasure’, a homeopathic remedy he developed from witch hazel. In 1849, Theron Pond, Alexander Hart and Edmund Munson formed the T. T. Pond Company to make and sell Golden Treasure which was renamed Pond’s Extract. After the American Civil War [1861-1865] soap and toiletries were added to the product list. Changes of ownership, Theron Pond’s death, and legal disputes over who owned the manufacturing rights to the extract, created problems for the early Pond’s, but by the 1880s things had settled down and the Pond’s Bitters Company emerged.


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5.5" x 3.5"


VF, light yellow staining on info side


manilla card



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