RF11 Playing Card Revenue Stamp 1918 XF Imperforate


US revenue stamps, inscribed PLAYING CARDS, were included in the US revenue general issues of 1862-1871, but after the general issue was retired in 1871, other revenue stamps were used to indicate the payment of the federal tax on playing cards. New revenue stamps, designed specifically for the federal tax on the sale of playing cards, were introduced in 1894. This new series of playing card stamps would continue in use, until the tax was abolished in 1965.

Four non-denominated, vertical-format playing cards US revenue stamps were issued during 1918. The central design features the four playing-card-suits. These stamps were used as seven cent stamps until April 1, 1919. After that date, they became eight cent stamps.

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XF unused no gum


Non-denominated (7c)


watermarked 191R

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