R66C $1.00 Conveyance first issue revenue stamp



Manuscript cancel. August 20, 1871. Nicely balanced margins for this issue. Vibrant color as is the case for late printings of $1 first issue revenues.


Size of engraving 23 by 481-2 mm. Three quarters face portrait of Washington to left, after Stuart, upon an oval disk with a ground of fine and very close vertical and horizontal lines. Size of oval 18 by 22mm. Immediately above, and closely following the outline of the oval, is a curved label of solid color, and with rounded ends, inscribed “U. S. Inter. Revenue” in colorless, Roman capitals; below, in a similar label and type, “Conveyance,” with a small, five-pointed star at either end of the label. Connecting these labels at sides, and thus forming a band completely surrounding the central oval, are small, longitudinal tablets containing a colored, five-pointed star, heavily outlined by a colorless line, upon a ground of fine vertical lines. Above and below are large reticulated ornaments outlined by a heavy colorless line between two fine colored ones. At top and bottom is a curved label, colorless except for fine shade lines at the ends, inscribed “Dollar” in colored, Roman capitals In each corner are shields of solid color bearing colorless numerals of value. The whole is made into a rectangle by the addition of foliated ornaments upon a ground of fine lines of color. Each of the lower corners has, also, a small globule, or pearl, and the whole is enclosed in a single lined frame.

Size and design the same as for the other one dollar values excepting that the lower label is inscribed “Conveyance”; no stars.

An Historical Reference List of the Revenue Stamps of the United Stamps: Including the Private Die Proprietary Stamps

Boston Philatelic Society
Salem, Press of Newcomb & Gauss, 1899

Additional information

Scott Number



XF used




Old Paper

Number Issued

The total number issued up to April 30, 1864 was 326,326

First Issued

First printed Nov. 15, 1862. First delivered to Dep't. Dec. 1, 1862.


Manuscript cancel

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