RN-A1 Revenue Stamped Paper Die Proof Type A


Proof in black on stiff white wove. As described in Essays and Proofs of United States Internal Revenue Stamps by George T. Turner, 1974 Bureau Issues Association: Proof Type A, Impression on stiff white wove paper: 2c Black.

RN-A is a small, rectangular design with rounded corners and filigree on the sides. It was used almost exclusively on receipts, although the size would have been perfect for checks. A1 is the black version. This one pays the tax on a receipt for goods. The tax in question was no longer in effect as of August 1, 1866, but receipts such as this one are known dated through the end of that year.

For an excellent primer on Revenue Stamped Paper click HERE.

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white wove


38mm x 42mm



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