RO161c William Roeber Match Stamp


This stamp was altered from the H. & W. Roeber die by changing the name to William Roeber and the address in the bottom marginal label to 528 W. 50 St. NY. Mr Roeber conducted the business there until his factory was taken over by the Diamond Match Co in 1881. He became a dealer in matches, cigar lights, tooth picks, match machinery, peddler’s supplies, etc at 29 Madison St and 33 New Bowery. From 1885 until 1896 he was in the coal business at 557 W 55th St. His match business averaged about 17 million boxes per year for the period the William Roeber stamp was in use. All the silk and pink paper stamps and some of those on watermarked paper were printed by the National Bank Note Co. Probably twelve or more plates were required in all and some of the Bureau impressions are most certainly from new plates made at Washington.

Christopher West, Mekeel’s Weekly Stamp News, nov 15, 1919 p. 424

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Catalog Number



G used




Pink Paper

Number Issued

112,524,963 were issued on pink and watermarked papers


October, 1875 through March 2, 1883



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