RO73c James Eaton Match Stamp


This firm appears first in the directory for 1805-6 as operating a match factory on South St. between and Mohawk Sts. in Utica, NY under name of Jas. Eaton. The next year one Owens was associated with Mr. Eaton and the firm appears as Eaton Owens. From 1867-68 until 1876 business was run under the name of Jas. Eaton. In 1876 J. Emery Eaton was a member of the firm and until business was closed in 1882 the name appears as Jas. Eaton & Son. For many years the directories also list John B. Eaton as a match maker who lived near the factory and was a relative of James Eaton.

Christopher West, Mekeel’s Weekly Stamp News, dec 20, 1919 p. 479

Additional information

Scott Number



Used, F, owners mark on back




Pink Paper

Number Issued

45,089,847 on pink and watermarked papers


May of 1866 to February 1883



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