RS65e Dr. Crooks Wine of Tar, Rare Experimental Silk


Oliver Crook, born 1818 and apprenticed as a physician, and was practicing in Dayton, OH in 1856 to 1868 when he formed the Oliver Crook & Co., “proprietors, wine of tar”. In 1874, Crook, with partner William E. Gump, advertised Wine of Tar as having “all the medicinal characteristics of Pine Tree Tar”. Hence the pine tree was used as their trademark. About 1875, the firm was sold to S.N. Smith & Company of Dayton, a firm which also marketed Dr. J. Kramer's German Eye Salve. Over a period of 15 years, the latter firm sold more than a million bottles of Dr. Crooks Wine of Tar which was still on sale in 1909.

(Holcombe, Henry W., Weekly Philatelic Gossip, 33: 10-11, 20, September 13, 1941)

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Scott Number



Excellent condition for issue. Light wrinkles resulting in some faint scuffing on front. 2mm tear at bottom.




Experimental Silk Paper

Number Issued

No breakout of experimental silk

First Issued

Die approved Jan. 2, 1869. First issued March, 1869. Last issued Dec., 1875.



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