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Dr. Herrick’s Sugar coated vegetable health pills were originated by L. R. Herrick, MD, and first manufactured in Albany, NY in 1835. They were advertised for the cure of common colds, inflammations, fevers, dyspepsia, costiveness, liver complaint, jaundice biliousness, sick headache, diseases of the skin, glandular swelling, dropsical effusions, diarrhea, dysentery and worms. In 1848 Herrick began to manufacture Dr. Harvell’s condition powders for horses and cattle, and shortly thereafter he introduced Herrick’s Kid Strengthening Plasters for Rheumatic complaints. The plaster contained galbanum, sub carbonate of iron, turpentine, pitch and plaster of lead. Another popular plaster made by Herrick was Belladonna Plaster prepared form extract of belladonna and resin. Other specialties included Herrick’s Perforated Plasters, Capsicum Plasters and Herrick’s Liniment. The firm was eventually purchased by William R. Warner.

(Holcombe, Henty W., Stamp and Cover Collecting, 3: 405-408, Oct. 1936)

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small faults


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First issued February 1871. Last issued February 28, 1883

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