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Charles Marchand, a French chemist, arrived in New York City about 1879 and in 1881 received a trademark for a hair wash he had concocted called crisoline. Four years later he joined forces with Vincent M. Picabia to establish Charles Marchand and Company of New York City. One of the first proprietaries of the newfirm was Marchand's Peroxide of Hydrogen and perhaps the next nostrum marketed was Glycozone “Remedy for the Destruction of Bacteria, Microbes and Germs in the Human System”. Then came Hydrozone “A remedy for Dyspepsia, Catarrh of the Stomach, Ulcers and Other Microbian Diseases.” Each ounce contained 3/8 grain of acetanilid. In time Marchand found that peroxide of hydrogen was valuable as a hair wash, for bleaching and also for rinses. This gave rise to a widely used preparation which became “Marchand’s Golden Hair wash”. Although many of Marchands proprietaries have long since been forgotten, the Charles Marchand and Company was still actively engaged in business in New York City in 1955.
(Holcombe, Henry W., Weekly Philatelic Gossip , 63: 622-623, January 12, 1957)

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