RS249d, RS250P3, Mrs. Allen’s Hair Restorer, S.R. Van Duzer, change order 1880


Unique change order from the American Bank Note Company archives. “Six- (6) (6) these alterations in stamp, Smillie, 31-July”

Selah R. Van Duzer opened a drug store in New York City in 1849. He was a distributor of some matches and patent medicines, and had a product of his own, Mrs. S.A. Allen’s Hair Restorer. His stamp was issued from May of 1869 to May of 1883.

Additional information

Catalog Number

RS249d, RS250P3


RS249d, two staple holes from being pinned to change order


4c, 6c


watermarked paper, india

Number Issued

RS249d: 197,836


May 1869


RS249d: printed S.R.V.D. Dec 1, 1879

Catalog Value


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