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Thomas H. Barr, graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 1854, operated an apothecary shop 1n Terre Haute, Indiana when he intro­duced his proprietary called Barr’s Pectoral Elixir about 1860. Barr emphasized that it was not a secret or quack remedy but except for sub­mitting the formula to numerous medical gentlemen of the highest skill nd experience”, he did not disclose its contents. Later he introduced Barr’s Fever and Ague Cure. Barr probably died in 1871 but Barr’s pro­prietaries were continued by E. H. Bindley and Company, wholesale drug­gists of Terre Haute. (Holcombe, Henry w. Weekly Philatelic?. 29: 676-677, March 2, 1940)


Description:—Size of engraving 62 x 25mm. Full face portrait of Mr. Barr upon an oval disk bordered by a twisted cord and superimposed upon an irregular shaped tablet with a shaded ground and a fanciful, scrolled frame. At right and left are irregularly shaped tablets with a reticulated ground, that at left is inscribed ” T. H. Barr – & Co. – Proprietors – Terre Haute, Ind.” in four lines; the upper and lower being arched and the others horizontal, all in colorless capitals. Roman for the two upper, and block for the two lower lines. At right, in a similar manner, but in three lines: “U. S. Inter. – Revenue- Four -cents.” ; the lower line is in block capitals, the rest in Roman. At each end of the stamp, upon an oval disk with horizontally lined ground bordered by a twisted cord, is a colorless numeral of value. The end tablets are upon a vertically shaded ground bordered by a heavy, colorless band, lightly shaded vertically and surrounded by a broad, colorless line between two fine lines of color.

An Historical Reference List of the Revenue Stamps of the United Stamps: Including the Private Die Proprietary Stamps

Boston Philatelic Society
Salem, Press of Newcomb & Gauss, 1899

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Old Paper

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First issued Oct., 1870. Last issued May 3, 1871.



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