Athol National Bank, Athol, MA, check proof on india, American Bank Note Co. 1870s


American Bank Note Company proof ATHOL NATIONAL BANK, Athol, MA. Cherub vignette with industry. Beautiful locomotive vignette “The Crossing” by James Smillie. Smilie had made the engraving, “The Crossing’ for an 1861 $500 banknote of Montgomery, Alabama. The original engraving was reduced slightly for use on the 3c US 1869 series postage stamp.¬†Light aging, glue stains on corners of reverse.

Originally called Pequoiag when settled by Native Americans, the area was subsequently settled by five families in September 1735. When the township was incorporated in 1762, the name was changed to Athol. John Murray, one of the proprietors of the land, chose the name which means “new Ireland”. Early residents subsisted on agriculture and hunting. By 1791, Athol had four gristmills, six sawmills, a fulling mill, and a shop with a trip hammer, all of which were operated by water power. The Athol Cotton Factory, built in 1811, was one of the first industries to serve a market beyond the local one. Through the 1800s, textile, leather, wood, and metal industries further expanded the market for goods produced in Athol.

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VF, glue stains on back. Punch cancels on signature line.


india on card


8.5" x 3.75"




American Bank Note Co.