C. C. Moore, check die proof, 1880s, ex Morris


Unique item from the Thomas F. Morris archive. Caughlan & Berry Engravers was organized in 1883 by Daniel F. Caughlan and was only in operation until 1885 when Caughlan joined the Canadian Bank Note Co. He later became a siderographer and engraver for John A. Lowell, Boston.

Charles C. Moore introduced his Throat and Lung Lozenges in 1867, but did not begin to use a private die stamp until 1877. His stamps were issued from 1877 to December of 1881, though the product continued to be offered well after the 1883 cessation of the tax.

Additional information


XF, two glue stains on reverse


india on card


9" x 3.5"




Caughlan & Berry, New York